Enjoy Now, Protect Forever

50 Beautiful Places Protected

With your help, we’re working to protect 30% of BC by 2030. Our vision is a connected system of parks and Indigenous protected areas that is cared for, resilient, and full of life, generating jobs, wealth and other benefits for people and other species.

Since 2018, your purchases and donations have directly contributed to safeguarding over 50 breathtaking locations in BC. These biodiversity arks and corridors are now protected forever, ensuring the resilience of wildlife and natural areas against threats like development, climate change, habitat loss, and more.

25 Million Nature Observations in BC

Your purchases and donations support a massive community who actively monitor and steward nature across BC, advancing our knowledge of biodiversity, parks, and Indigenous protected areas.

From remote wildlife cameras to community science projects, your support drives data collection efforts that inform crucial conservation decisions and protection policies.

26 Community Groups Funded

Your purchases enable equitable access to nature for all. We empower underserved communities by funding outdoor experiences that enhance mental and physical well-being, reduce stress, and foster a culture of environmental stewardship.

Together, we’ve launched initiatives encouraging everyone to spend 2 hours a week outside feeling relaxed and healthy by nature.

You can make a direct, positive impact on parks and the magic of life with your purchase or donation.