Who We Are

Did you know B.C. has over 1,000 provincial parks and protected areas? These spaces make up 14 percent (or over 14 million hectares) of the province and host over 26 million visits each year.

As the official charitable partner of BC Parks, the BC Parks Foundation is on an expedition to create the best parks system in the world.

We do this by working with you (our adventurous supporters) to protect, enhance and sustain our parks while inspiring and connecting people to these wonderful places.

What happens when you make a purchase? Every single cent raised through the BC Parks Foundation shop goes directly into our efforts to enhance and pass on the legacy of B.C.’s epic provincial parks and protected areas, for generations to come.

Every purchase you make is a little reminder of great times on the trail, the perfect shot from a mountain top or a paddle dip into the lake.

Together, we are keeping BC beautiful.


We'd like to thank Evolution Fulfilment for there continued support and delivery of a flawless e-commerce distribution service. 

This is a critical decade to address issues like climate change and biodiversity loss. Our dynamic, innovative, and diverse support community for making a direct impact by protecting beautiful places, providing opportunities for people to connect to nature, improving human and ecosystem health, and increasing stewardship of wildlife. 


Women hiking with BC Parks Foundation patches